Anxiety Support

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We have developed the following resources to reduce anxiety in parents and children.

Self Care

Self Care: Do you have 5 minutes?
Self Care: Do you have 10 minutes?

Relaxation and Visualisation

Relaxation and visualisation videos for parents and children.

Dealing With Anxiety
Fly Away For A While - Visualisation
Meadow - Visualisation
Guided Relaxation

Short Ideas and Support Messages

Short ideas and messages to support parents of children with additional healthcare needs.

Slow It All Down
Daydream About Happy Times
Can You Hear The Birds?
Time To Look After Yourself
Choosing To Trust

Introduction to Therapy

Introduction to therapy and videos to help parents and children with additional healthcare needs during COVID-19 pandemic.

Introduction Into Therapy
Responding With Love
No Need To Do Any DIY
Imagine A Healthy Future
Different Lockdown Experience
Power of Laughter

These resources were developed as part of the What? Why? COVID-19 project, funded by National Lottery Awards for All Scotland and CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

Community Fund
Charities Aid Foundation
WWCIH COVID-19 Project
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