A2 - Fly Away For A While - Visualisation

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Fly Away For A While - Visualisation

This visualisation is for all the children and young people who can’t walk or run as fast as the wind because of Cerebral Palsy, a Heart Condition, Juvenile Arthritis, Cancer treatment, Rett syndrome or other conditions... and all other children who need a break from stress and worries.

Parents can listen to this 10 minute video alone or together with their child to go on an adventure of flying through the sky. The soft voice with a beautiful Scottish accent will help you relax. Do you hear the seagulls and feel the warm sand when you settle on the beach?

You can find additional videos in our Anxiety Support information.

This resource were developed as part of the What? Why? COVID-19 project, funded by National Lottery Awards for All Scotland and CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

Community Fund
Charities Aid Foundation
WWCIH COVID-19 Project

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