What happens when my child needs a joint injection (Juvenile Arthritis)?

Niamh and Stephanie show what happens during joint injections using Entonox. They have Juvenile Arthritis (JIA, paediatric rheumatic disease) which can make their joints inflamed and swollen. The joint injection helps to reduce the swelling in their knees. Entonox, which is also called laughing gas, makes them giggle and works as pain relief. Drew also uses cold spray to numb the knee. Both girls said they didn't feel the injection, which is brilliant! For younger children the joint injection is done under General Anaesthetic, but when the child is old enough they can try using Entonox .

Parents can watch this video themselves or together with their child before the appointment depending on the age and ability of the child.

This video was developed in partnership with the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.


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