Lianne Swadel

Lianne Swadel, Treasurer
Lianne joined the board of trustees as she thinks videos are an excellent way of preparing children for hospital. As a parent herself she has seen the importance of staying calm and positive when your child needs hospital care. Lianne is a qualified chartered management accountant. She started her career in the private sector, where she worked for 8 years. She then took up a role in the finance department in NHS Lothian and has worked there for the last 13 years in a number of different roles. Lianne is part of the NHS women in leadership roles network. Lianne has completed the independent examination of accounts for a number of charities. She also has experience as a trustee and treasurer of the Pregnancy and Parents Centre. Lianne has been running half marathons to raise money for the Pregnancy and Parents Centre and the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity.

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