Vision and Aims

We have 65 videos available for you to watch to help prepare you for your visit to hospital.

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Our Vision

Preparing parents, carers and children for a positive hospital experience.


Develop and share video clips with age- and ability-appropriate information to show hospital procedures and reduce anxiety for children and parents. Share best practice in preparing children for hospital procedures across Scotland.


  • Prepare children across Scotland for hospital visits and treatments using video clips.
  • Improve equal access to age- and ability-appropriate hospital information by using videos, which can be accessed on computers and smart phones.
  • Build positive relationships between children and healthcare services, which will have a lifelong impact on timely access to healthcare services.
  • Improve attendance rates for procedures. A number of parents give as the reason for their child’s missed appointment (Did Not Attend) the anxiety around the procedure and the lack of clarity around the reason for the hospital appointment.
  • Increase parent/carer confidence and their ability to help their child relax and undergo a procedure.
  • Share best practice in preparing children for hospital procedures across healthcare professionals working with children.


  • Support - We aim to listen to children, young people, parents and carers and support them the way they want to be supported.
  • Inclusive – Our work aims to offer equal access to information, which is age and ability appropriate. We will use video clips, which means the information is accessible for people who prefer and/or need visual information.
  • Confidence - We recognise the importance of confidence building in parents. Our work will provide examples of ways parents can support their children through play and age appropriate explanations.
  • Partnership Working - We aim to work in partnership with healthcare providers and other voluntary sector organisations supporting the wellbeing of children.
  • Confidentiality - We will ensure confidentiality around any medical information given to us and we will ask for explicit consent from parents and professionals before any information, images and videos are shared.
  • Integrity - We will conduct our work with integrity and respect for others.
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