News - 2016

December 2016
Videos showing the Exercise Tolerance Test, Ambulatory ECG and Sleep Studies
We have 4 new videos showing children going for overnight tests is the Sleep Clinic and Exercise Tolerance Testing in the Cardiology department.
December 2016
Great YPI Scotland iMovie project with Royal High School Edinburgh
Three students from the Royal High School Edinburgh did a great job in representing the WWCIH charity as their Youth Philanthropy Initiative Scotland project. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion showed in their presentation. They made an iMovie trailer for the charity.
November 2016
New Videos Showing Sleep Studies in Hospital
We developed two new videos showing what happens during a cardio-respiratory sleep study and a polysomnography sleep study. After seeing the videos the parent of a small child with epilepsy said ’These videos are wonderful and will help many families like us.’ Neil Gibson, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde recognised the project as ‘A very helpful and valuable piece of work.’
July 2016
Our latest videos help families prepare for X-ray and Ultrasound scans in hospital
We now have two new play videos and hospital videos helping children and their parents prepare for X-ray and Ultrasound scans.
May 2016
WWCIH Conference 9 May Presentations and Evaluation Report
The WWCIH conference attended by 65 people received excellent feedback
May 2016
We launched our videos about EEG and Nerve Conduction Studies at our conference and feedback has been great!
At our conference on Monday we showed the play EEG video and hospital EEG video and 95% of attendees said these videos would help towards our aim to reduce anxiety in parents and children.
April 2016
Only a few places remaining for our conference on 9 May in Edinburgh. Register now!
How can we best support children with learning disabilities who are anxious about going to hospital? Join our discussion at the WWCIH conference.
April 2016
Have a look at our new videos! These show children having an ECG and Echo in hospital
We filmed children having an ECG and an Echo(cardiogram) in hospital. These videos can help families prepare for hospital.
April 2016
NHS Inform Quality Assurance successfully completed: Our website with videos now recommended to the Scottish public and NHS staff
Our website and resources have successfully completed the quality assurance checks by NHS Inform.
March 2016
New videos about Breathing Tests and Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test to help families prepare
We made two video clips in Edinburgh showing two Breathing Tests and the Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test.
March 2016
9 May 2016 WWCIH Conference 'Preparing Families for Hospital and Improving Health Literacy' registration now open
We are organising a conference 'Preparing Families for Hospital and Improving Health Literacy' on 9 May 2016 in Edinburgh.
January 2016
100 Facebook likes, 140 people signed up for our e-mail updates and over 300 unique visitors to the website per month, how would you like to be informed?
We are very pleased there is a lot of interest in the work of our charity. The number of people following us on Facebook and on the website is increasing every month! Let us know if you would like to be informed through news updates and/or Facebook.

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