News - 2017

December 2017
New videos show health assessment of a looked after child and teenager talking about moving into care.
We have two new videos on our video page focussed on children and teenagers moving into care.
September 2017
New videos to help children with prominent ears and children who need an allergy test
Our videos help children and parents who need support with prominent ears and skin prick testing for allergies.
August 2017
One Million Views on YouTube and Videos on STV News!
Yesterday we reached a massive milestone: a million views on YouTube for the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity videos! Please read our press release for more information.
July 2017
Sweat Test used to diagnose Cystic Fibrosis shown in our latest video
When doctors want to diagnose or rule out Cystic Fibrosis they do a Sweat Test. This video shows children and parents what happens during this test.
July 2017
Founder What? Why? Children in Hospital receives Inspiring Volunteer Award
Marit Boot, the founder of the charity received the Inspiring Volunteer Award from the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh.
May 2017
New Video About Non Invasive Ventilation (CPAP and BiPAP) Breathing Masks
We have just launched our video to show what happens when a child is being fitted with a Non Invasive Ventilation mask and trying to use it for the first time.
March 2017
Our Latest Videos Show the Glasgow Cancer Centre and DMSA and MAG3 Renal Scans
Our DMSA and MAG3 videos show what happens when a child needs to have their kidneys checked by a scan in the nuclear medicine department. We also made a video to show what happens when children are admitted to Glasgow Cancer Centre for specialist treatment.
March 2017
Looking for Fans and Patrons to Support Our Next Videos! We'll Show Your Name on the Next Video
We are now part of Patreon so our fans can become patrons and support us.
February 2017
Babies and Toddlers having a Hearing Test - What happens in hospital?
When parents need to come to hospital with their baby or toddler for a hearing test they might worry how their child is going to cope. Will they get upset? Do they need to stay awake or sleep? Our latest videos answer all these questions.

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